On-demand work

We also have personal and customised orders. On the one hand, this can be some of our productions that can be personalised: for example, the name paper presses where you can choose the name but also the decoration at your convenience. On the other hand, it can be special requests, repairs, reproductions, etc. Do not …

Bubble glassware

Handmade glass can be characterised by the use of bubble glass. It is created by a chemical process. By placing baking soda on a layer of hot glass which is then covered directly with another layer of hot glass, the baking soda traps air bubbles between the two layers of glass. Our production contains a …

Roman glassware

We produce reproduction of Roman glassware dating from the 1st century BC. These objects are required by museuns, or exhibitions, archaeological seminars, etc.

Medieval glassware

You’ll find below our, inspired of Medieval, pieces, from the 5th to the 11th centuries. There are glasses, ewes,…. Here again, theses come from historical reproductions and inspirations.